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Rediff Enterprise Pro
Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer
No hardware,Nosoftware requirements for installation.
Dedicated and Updated Anti Viruses and Anti Spam filters 
Spacious Mail Box size ?10 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB, 1 GB, 10 GB.  
SSL encrypted POP3, SMTP and HTTP access, compatible with your Email Client like Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. 
Mobile access ?Access your mail, while on move, using GPRS. 
Web based access using HTTP ?
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Rediff Mail Pro
Your own domain name viz your
Any number of Email IDs in multiple of five. 
Storage space to your choice from 20 MB to 25 GB per user 
Unlimited Band Width  
Advanced anti-virus and spam protection  
Additional IDs as and when you need it
Unmatched reliability and dependability  
POP3 access  
Lightning fast speed 
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Rediff NG
A Brand new Inbox 
Mobile E-Mail capability 
Online Calendar and event scheduler 
Outgoing E-Mail Restriction 
Whitelist Trusted senders 
SMS Chat 
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Web Cadence India welcomes you with a bouquet of professional Website Design & Web Application Development services and promises to partner you through to a new level of functional excellence.

We are an India based Web Design Company in Delhi with a global presence. From the prosperous list our patrons spread across the globe, many have profited from our advanced Ecommerce Solutions.
POP3/SMTP Secure Email Client Access
Rediffmail Enterprise Pro is POP3 & SMTP compliant and web-enabled, giving businesses a seamless, reliable e-mail communication tool.
Security @ Security is a powerful, fully integrated portfolio of services, managed devices and best practices - all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data.

Corporate Email Solutions

Communication becomes one of the vital parts for corporate world. The flow of emails and important data is very high to corporate professionals. So they need to have such facility which connects them to their mailbox anytime anywhere even on mobiles. Not only corporate professional require this facility, people also need it for personal and social uses.  By availing corporate email solutions or personal email solutions one can save a lot more time. It is really helpful in keeping your track fast on today’s fast track life. Another good thing about email facility is that it comes in a very little price. So whether you are professional or not you are going to love this facility.        

Nowadays mobile are also launching with many great features due to which using of electronic mailing becomes easier. Most of today’s mobile are compatible with personal email or corporate email features. Easy email sending to multiple recipients can be performed amazingly by latest mobiles. With the help of corporate email services in India, Small businessmen can provide a great connected environment to their clients and employers and can have full report of their works and other recourse all the time.

Benefits which can be achieved by availing corporate email service

  • By taking this facility, it is for sure you are improving your communications between your clients, partners and employees.     
  • Make your organization full of IT enabled features with corporate email solutions.  Provide enhanced work-life to your employers.
  • It is also a big reason for saving of lots of time so that you can focus more on other works too. More than that your employees can also get more time to take care on other works. 
  • By including wireless mobile emailing service for working purpose you can decrease your deployment cost. You really don’t need to buy expensive mobile phones like PDA and smartphones. More than that you can also save costing for monthly subscription for accessing of other’s server. Corporate email service is the real solution for communications issues.    

Your own domain name viz
5 Email IDs  
1 GB total storage space  
Advanced anti-virus and spam protection  
Additional IDs as and when you need it  
Unmatched reliability and dependability  
POP3 access  
Lightning fast speed  
All this and much more starting @ Rs. 1,750  

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